This is a cowtale which since the beginning
and for a long time was only shared by and
only told amongst the cows themselves.
The cowtale speaks of the time when God
was still busy creating Heaven and all that
is under it.   Because God was God, God
created a perfect cow meadow.  After a
while, God ended up regretting to have
overdone it.  To make amends, God created
moomoocow and stuck moomoocow in the
cow meadow. Demikian-lah ada-nya.
      A  COWTALE
About  moomoonews
moomoonews started in the
big cow meadow far far away
in the cloud on April 1, 2018
which of course was April
Fool's Day and also Easter
Sunday.  moomocow hopes
you all enjoy moomoonews.   
Please share moomoonews
with your friends and may
all of you come back to
chew the grass in my big
cow meadow often.

moomoocow, April 1, 2018.
Little Bunny